Warren is a multi-disciplined media professional and has directed, produced, edited and shot projects that cover a wide range of genres. Born in London, England. He has worked professionally in a wide range of disciplines in the television and film business for over thirty years

Warren worked as a freelance member of British Broadcasting Corporation’s Television’s Training Department during the late eighties and early nineties on single camera film director’s courses that provided detailed professional instruction on the process of narrative storytelling, lenses and light, shooting single camera drama, multicamera studio, working with actors and commercial, music and documentary production to already highly experienced members of the BBC’s staff.

Beginning his career in the industry as an actor and has appeared in dozens of high profile movies, television and theatre productions, including notable performances and contributions in Lady Jane, The Shooting Party, Salome’s Last Dance, Sharpe’s Mission, The Never Ending Story and Another Country to name a few.

Highly Experienced in all aspects of video/audio production for broadcast, special events, and the theatre, including pre production, acquisition, editing, and multi format delivery and distribution across the gamut of video and film formats.
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